So I cancelled my laptop order. After more than two weeks, I called in to check the status; and was told that they do not know when they are going to have the platform to build the computer I ordered and that most VAIO laptops are on backorder. Not good. So, I cancelled my order.

By the way, the old laptop crash while I was in OP. I ended up having to reformat the HD, with the XP CD for my mom’s desktop; and then I lost my internet connection in the middle of one of my tests. yikes!

Also, I gave in and forked out $180 for a RAZR. I know, I know. I have given my brother a hard time about his (but he paid $300!). In any case, I am frustrated with mine because I can’t answer it when it rings, at least not most times. So, I figured I’d get a new one; but I can’t go through Cingular, because I already got a new phone this year. Thus, I bought this one unlocked from a retailer. I am looking forward to its arrival.

On a separate note, I am staying in TX. I have been going back and forth to FL, because I thought it was best; but upon returning this time, I realized that staying here is what is best at this time. I have to find something to do with my time.