I just bought a new laptop. Spent about $1200 less than I had planned (including sales tax, shipping and extended warranty), and still got exactly what I wanted.

First I’d wanted a Sony TX 790, but then realized that was way overpriced and not what I was looking for. Shopped around for almost a week; almost bought a Toshiba for $900! Then realized that it was way bigger than I wanted, and that it was not what I wanted.

Since my experience with the Aztek, I refuse to buy something I don’t want, much less to buy what I don’t want when I can buy what I do want.

So… I bought a Sony FJ 290 in Orange Burst for less than half what I was going to pay for the TX790, and got way more! However, I have to wait until the beginning of September before I get it, so I’ll take my old laptop to OP with me and hope for the best.