As you may know, I haven’t been working for the past few weeks. I am not feeling better.

In any case, I drove out to work today – making sure I had my badge. As I got nearer, I got more anxious. I figured if I sat there for a few minutes, in the parking lot, I would relax and be able to go inside. My HR was 134bpm at rest. I started feeling really sick, and my stomach started to hurt again. I couldn’t go in, so I sent the stuff I was taking back with S.

I changed all my classes to online format, and I talked to the apartment management about breaking my lease. Leaving TX would be expensive, but I think I will have to do so.

Seems fairly certain will be back to FL before the end of next month, though I haven’t decided for sure.

Everything has been easy to do so far. The hardest thing is quitting my job. I haven’t been there since August 1st, and I probably won’t be back for another 3 weeks; but the hardest thing I would have to do to move back to FL is quit my job. Never thought I’d see the day when that would be the case.

Worse part: I don’t think I can go back.