I have been thinking of moving back home after all.

I felt so much better while I was there. My uncle suggested that I do it, and so did my doctor. To both I gave honest excuses. To my uncle I said, “I have school.” And to my doctor I said “I get depressed if I am home for more than 6-7 months.”

I like my life in TX. I have a nice place and a great friend (not that my old friends at home are not great; I know you like to hear it), and places to go even if not that many. I must say there is great places to eat here too, like Taco Cabana and McAlister’s Deli. There is not much variety in OP, FL.

Truth is the advisor had me change to the Online program to make sure that I could enroll in online class without being waitlisted; so I can go to school from anywhere, any time. I think I’ll call the University and see if I can change my on-campus classes this semester to online.

On Monday, I’ll go see what I can do about my apartment lease. I have nothing else tying me to this state. I have been talking with a guy since June, and he is here; but maybe that won’t be a problem.

I don’t know where I would live if I did move back home. I would probably have to get an apartment or something, since everyone has a full house and I have a bunch of furniture. Even my room at home is full, since there are 9 people living in mom’s house; and 5 living at my aunt’s. My grandma should be moving in within the next year too, and who know who else.

I can’t believe I am seriously considering this.