Sometimes you feel like you are drowning, and there is nothing to be done about it. Then, you realize that while you may feel like you are drowning you are just forgetting to breathe, and that someone else may, in fact, be drowning.

I have been having a hard time. I am not happy at work, and have decided to start looking for another job, but there is nothing worthwhile. I mean, I do really well for the kind of job I have, even if they have been over-working me and under-appreciating me. The thing that’s really bothering me is this particularly irreverent and disrespectful ass who just joined our team. I don’t know how else to tell him without being rude, so I have just decided not to ever speak to him if not an absolute necessity. I may be his assigned go-to person, but I am certainly not his supervisor, and I don’t have to take that kind of shit from anyone. I don’t take it from my family, friends, or even customers; why should I let it slide for him? Exactly.

Anyway, one friend spent the day in the hospital with her mom, another is still trying to figure out her life, my mom’s best friend’s husband passed (he was my dad’s best friend too), and yet another friend spent all night in the crapper. I guess, in a way, we were all there with her.

But, it doesn’t matter. Life doesn’t get any better, any worse, any easier or harder; it is just life. And the good news is: balance is key. That’s right, all the good things and bad things balance out in the end, if you let them (free will, and all that). So, think of life as a graph of the stock market during the 20th century and through today: if it goes to far up at one point, at another it will dip equally, but for the most part it just stays fairly steady.

Just think, all those tears will eventually bring great happiness; but beware, great happiness may lead to bitter tears.