Looking through my archives, I have realized that while I was in Chicago I used to blog regurlarly… and extensively in some cases. I understand that while I was in FL, after August 2004, there was not much to write about; I was depressed, scared and jobless. But I hadn’t missed posting at least once a month until August 2005; and I see no correlation in that. What’s going on?

I have been in Texas for 412 days!

One would think that I must have something to say. You know, me being me and all. Even when I was back in OP I felt I still had a life of sorts, but here I know I don’t. I have no friends, not really. I have no hobbies. I have anothing but Buddy – my hermit crab, who is currently under-sand – and my life in general (i.e. job, car, apt, etc.).

Last night, I asked my supervisor to verify with our manager if it would be okay for me to apply for a position out of another branch in IL; she said she’ll get back to me. At least I still have some friends in Chicago, about 1 hr from this job. And in any case, I could go to campus for lectures and stuff; maybe I could even do my MBA at DePaul like I had planned before. I miss Chicago. Anyway, Texas was just a sojourn.