Often times, subject to our condition, we forget that conscious choice is what differentiates us as humans from the other primates. For years, decades, even centuries, we have believed ourselves superior to other species for a number of reasons, but slowly have discovered those explications to be fallacies we convinced ourselves not to negate because otherwise we would have felt too … average. Some said language, but all species have their own; and since we have several languages among us, we couldn’t very well expect other species to share with us. Then it was sex, and our ability to “mate” whenever we feel like, but it turns out we have fellow species, of a broad range, which do so much like us – in every sense. I could go on, but the list is almost interminable. (Actually, following my own train of thought would lead me to the conclusion that – quite possibly – the whole animal kingdom is capable of making conscious choices, even if only humans actually document theirs.)

Regardless, it is that conscious choice that dictates our futures, and therefore guides our lives. Sometimes one decides to marry even when the decision is questionable, and the foundation even weaker. And other times, we decide to keep going on like the Lone Ranger without Tonto – not quite complete, but still going; and that just because we know everything we have (i.e. love, stability, companionship, etc.) but fear everything that we don’t know, no matter what it may be. Some times, we choose the challenge; and other times we take the safe way home. Sometimes we give a chance to the one person who does not deserve it; and others we miss out on the great things that could have been with that person that we never even considered.

See, life is a meadow of choice – the ones you have made and the ones you haven’t. Some times you make a choice and you learn it was the right one; but sometimes you learn it was not. And hopefully, you remember the lesson when making your next decision; but that would be wishing too much. Other times you don’t make a decision because opportunity was knocking at your door but the stereo was too loud; and still you learn how missed out. Maybe next time you will learn to listen instead of drowning the world out.

In the meantime, while I write, life passes by; and the choices I made yesterday, and the ones I didn’t make in the last hour, will follow me – and mine – for the rest of my life.

Cheers! To all those decisions I am glad to have made, and all those I was lucky enough not to have to.