Euripides said “A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.” Now, I ask: If one can speak his/her thoughts, yet does not due to a lack of desire – of any sort, then what is one? A slave to the self? To society? To fear? A slave at all?

I find myself often stopping myself from saying things that I should say, want to say, are beneficial to me if I say them, etc. Yet, I seldom say those things which put me in a vulnerable position, or those which may lead to a long confrontation. The problem: I have not been living my life because I do the same thing when taking action as I do when choosing to speak – or not to. So, I am starting to feel like I am tied down. However, I am not sure what is holding me back. So, what is it? Am I a slave to myself? For the most part, I feeling like I am a slave to rationality; yet, I don’t feel this behavior is rational? Maybe I think too much… .