1. I don’t particularly like my job. Since I started with this company, things have gone from bad to worse. Not in my life; I like my life. But every day I get more work, more responsibility, and more crap. However, it is not going anywhere; and neither am I, it seems.

2. Some people are rude and mediocre to boost. Enough said… .

3. I may be putting in my 2 weeks notice in 2 weeks. It seems the company is willing to pay for me to go to school, but not to accommodate my schedule so that I can go to school. Seems ridiculous, but that also seems to be the case. In the end, it turns out they were giving me less seniority than someone who started almost half a year after I did. Obviously working hard enough to win the Excellence Award in 9 months, when most people have to work all year, means nothing.

4. I am going back to school no matter what. That was a lot of time, money, phone calls, thought and work I had to put in.

5. Too bad for them. ALL OF THEM. AND GOOD LUCK!