Okay, this is supposed to be my horoscope for today!

If your future with a certain person has seemed a little confusing lately, to say the least, you may find things changing for the better. Today brings the dawning of a sense of clarity and understanding. You now perceive just what the other person’s motives were in displaying such mixed signals. Finally you are both free to choose what you wish to do.

You want to know what the problem is? That it’s true!

The other day my old roommate asked me if I knew the person who was writing this. The answer is no. Yet for the past week, everything this damn thing say has been in queu, whether I read it before or after. And I don’t mean generally on the idea. It’s been bull’s-eye! You know it doesn’t get anymore more clear than when you have 8 days of no misses. Either this person knows me, or the darn horoscope crap is true. I am siding with the former explanation.