One month ago today, I started the ActiveLink assessment. (By the way, you can find your points for the period of the assessment in the Monthly Summary, under Progress Reports.) I love it. I can’t lie to myself when I am wearing it, and it’s a big reality check compared to perception.

BeforeI had the ActiveLink I would input my ActivityPoints, and I always got really excited about how fast they added up; but, I have a sedentary job, so I barely moved during the day before I started wearing it and thus the ActivityPoints I inputted were not a good indicator of my actual activity.

I like that there is a baseline, and I hate it when I don’t reach at least 100%. But having the baseline makes me work harder to integrate activity into my day. So, most days, I don’t even hit the baseline until I have been working out at the gym for 20 minutes; but, so what? Once the ActivityPoints start adding up, I feel really proud of myself for having exceeded the baseline. And then, those few points are worth so much more to me. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment. Now, I park further and walk around to the back entrance so that I can reach 100% earlier in the day.

I probably get more satisfaction from the ActiveLink readings because I used to think I was doing really well when I went to the gym 6 hours a day, 6 days a week; but, the reality of it was I gained 1 lbs after 6 months! I wasn’t really getting that much activity in if I wasn’t at the gym, but now I know exactly how much I am putting in. Plus, I love that I can name the activities so that they are calculated properly (though not necessarily in my favor).

One thing I do not like (and it is because I haven’t found a solution): I get up in the morning, and go for 30 to 60 minutes without wearing it before I remember to put it on, because I didn’t have where to put it before then. Haven’t figured out a way to wear it 24 hours a day – without wearing a bra 24 hours a day! And hanging from my neck is not very convenient, as I don’t want to wear it as jewelry (it’s plastic!). If I can figure out a way to wear it 24/7 without it showing – or having to use duct tape, then it will be perfect!

I know a lot of people are upset with their ActiveLinks, but all I can say is:

If you

  • know how it works (read the basics pages online!),
  • wear it all the time,
  • name your activities, and
  • have realistic expectations of your actual activity levels,

then you should get PointPlus readings that are accurate.

In that case, you are getting PointPlus you can swap guilt-free.