I got my Fitbit Flex to replace the Weight Watchers’ ActiveLink (since I cancelled my membership). It arrived on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. After a period of charging, I put it on, and haven’t taken it off for anything more than clean/drying. So far, I have made it to 8-9,000 steps and 3.85-4.5 miles, per day. But, TODAY, I reached, and exceeded, the 10,000 step and 5 mile goals, and was “very active” for 47 minutes.

To top that off, my baby Britny went walking with me, and also reached her personal best of .44 miles. Remarkably, she acceded to the walk, by running to the corner of the bed and flipping on her back for me to put on her sneakers (precious!). She walked/ran equally throughout, and was prompt to begin her theatrics (i.e. limping with the bad leg, making harsh (awful) breathing/choking sounds, and trying to turn into our driveway at every turn). As a reward, she got cold water (her favorite) and a cookie. She was more excited about the cookie than the water (which explains her fitness predicament), but I wouldn’t give her the cookie until she drank her water, so she relented … eventually.