A car is stolen every 5 minutes in Texas. That’s 12 cars an hour, 288 cars a day. Fortunately, the most stolen car is the GM pickup truck. Yeepee! I have the only GM SUV of the Pontiac brand! Hopefully, there are not that many of those around that it may be profitable to steal it. Just in case, I think I’ll have my brother outfit my car with some anti-theft devices; and I’ll have my uncle show me how to take out some stuff I got from a list from the Tx DoT. Then, as soon as possible, I am registering my car – for the extravagant sum of $.01 – in the Texas H.E.A.T program, so that my car will be stopped for driver verification between the hours of 1-5 am, and 24 hours a day at the Mexican border. Don’t trust them Mexicans, it seems.

Buying a car in Fl to move to Tx is turning out to be very expensive, except that I got a great deal so it doesn’t much matter.