So, it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do lately; applying that it. The GMAT was a breeze, the application self-filling, but the system sucked. I had to call UChicago so many times, because UTD kept saying they hadn’t gotten my transcript. UChicago sent it for me 3 times, the last via FEDEX with signature required; finally they got it. Then they have a dedicated email address for the essays, but they couldn’t locate mine; so I ended up having to send that to someone specific. The had a completed file 2 days before deadline, even though everything had been sent a month prior. Then I was admitted the next day; they sent me a letter and everything! But the admissions office, one week later, told me they had no record of my acceptance! So, the calls began again and I registered the next day….

So, now, I am officially a UTD student, and will begin classes next month. YAY! I have so many things to do before then.