I have been reading through my old posts… some very old.

I am not surprised at what I have found. However, I am surprised at what I haven’t found. I haven’t found more. I know I tend to live in my head, but really? At some points, I thought that I was making process, drawing my quandaries and arguments to a conclusive end. But, I also have to admit that some of those quandaries and arguments deal in answers that have been sought as long as man has existed. Others may just have been beyond my grasp eight to ten years ago. 

I enjoy re-reading my old posts every so often. It grounds me. It reminds me of what I truly think when I am not so over powered by my cynicism, or any of the other facets of my personality and worldview. It’s nice to see how far I have come and how much I have or haven’t changed. It’s nice to know that as much as I have changed, I am still me. 

Life goes on.