Well, if you haven’t heard, my car has been in the shop almost as much as I’ve had it since I moved to TX. Okay, not exactly, but they’ve had it now for 2 weeks, and before that a couple times 1 or 2 days, and before that 8 days! And that’s not counting all the times I have just taken it in – without leaving it.

At this point, I really hate cars. I had my car towed in 12 days ago, then took it for a test drive and almost didn’t make it back to the dealership. Then I took a lease on a Pacifica, and had to take it back for reasons beyond my comprehension. Then the rental died on Friday, and had to wait for a tow truck again! Now, I am just waiting to get my car back, and hoping that it won’t break down anytime soon, again.

So, if this works, I’ll keep it for a while longer. Then I may sell it. I’d like to moveinto a Pacifica later on — and if life takes me to CA, I will definitely be changing cars.

It’s woman versus machine; let’s see who wins.