I am finally starting to feel like myself again.

Yesterday, during class, I actually wrote a letter intended for the CEO of the company for which I work. I have never stood on the sidelines, quietly waiting. I think we can achieve our goal, but it seems – from where I sit – we are not approaching it with the synergy required.

I also signed up for 2 more classes. One with the same professor, and also on Saturdays; and for Strategic Cost Management.

Then, today, I practiced my violin playing, ate salmon for lunch, and worked on the blog’s look. That’s more than I have done in a whole week for a while. Later I have voice conference for one of my classes. I have ordered my books, and bought others; I have even started reading.

More importantly, I am thinking that I will finally apply for a PhD program. Either in Management or Political Science; I haven’t decided that yet. And I may just skip law school all together. … there, I said it!