I have joined the quest, because everyone needs to find a reason for move forward. For updates, click here.
1. Go to Germany, and speak German.
2. Go to the U.K. to see my Uncle.
3. Get a TX Teaching Certificate.
4. Landscape my new home’s grounds.
5. Visit Japan.
6. Finish my MBA.
7. Get into Law School.
8. Take the CPA Exam.
9. Save $15,000 US Dollars. (Will need them if I go to Law School.)
10. Learn to Play the Violin.
11. Run a 5k marathon.
12. Keep a car for more than 12 months.
13. Make the family business profitable.
14. Fit into a size 14, again. (If you think I should aim for something smaller, you have never seen me in a size 14!)
15. Forget the ghosts in my life.
16. Study Egyptian History and visit the pyramids.
17. Raise my FICO to at least 775.
18. Read every book I own but haven’t read yet.
19. Go to San Antonio, TX.
20. Visit every State in the Union. (Airports do not count.)
21. Take a vacation in the Islands.
22. Go on a Date.
23. Have a healthy relationship.
24. Get involved with a Charity.
25. Teach English or Spanish.
26. Go to my College 5-year Reunion in 2008.
27. Take a painting class.
28. Cook at least once a week for 6 months. (Semi-homemade does not count.)
29. Apply for a Ph.D. in Political Science or an S.J.D.
30. Desing my own home office, and build it myself.
31. Hire movers for my next move. (I can be cheap at times.)
32. Live debt-free.
33. Eat more soy. (No tofu though.)
34. Go to one (1) museum in Dallas, TX.
35. Go on a cruise by myself.
36. Take my mom on vacation.
37. Go to one (1) Alumni Club get-together.
38. Join a book club.
39. Save 10% of one years’ salary into my 401(k).
40. Write 101 consecutive daily posts on my blog, for 101 days.
41. Write down the names of 101 persons I should thank, and thank them in writing.
42. Visit 11 different places around the world. (Those previously listed not included.)
43. Visit my father’s resting place, and make peace with him.
44. Reconnect with at least one old friend.
45. Finish my research on the Supreme Court and the Constitution.
46. Honestly attempt to stop disliking Harvard.
47. Wear more flats.
48. Learn to accept other people may not be everything I want them to be.
49. Take another yoga class for at least 6 months.
50. Have another 101 in 1001 list ready by the end of this one.
51. Go to the Opera.
52. Go see a Broadway musical.
53. Take a ride on a hot air balloon.
54. Watch the Whales in Nova Scotia.
55. Visit Machu Picchu.
56. Go fishing.
57. Eat more fish.
58. Go sailing.
59. Keep my legs shaved for 6 months.
60. Get a salon haircut.
61. Get a facial.
62. Research Law Schools and Universities, in- and outside the U.S.
63. Visit my Grandmother.
64. Paint the backyard fence.
65. Develop a platonic, long-term relationship with a male.
66. Check the mail every day.
67. Not go on a shopping spree for a year. (That means more than $150 on unnecessary things.)
68. Vacuum-clean my house once a week for 6 months.
69. Avoid fast foods for 90 days.
70. Drink more water and less soda.
71. Go out for Japanese food.
72. Go out for Ethiopian food.
73. Learn something new about a country in Hispano-America.
74. Read a book in castellian.
75. Learn Catalan.
76. Visit Spain.
77. See Vatican City.
78. Go to Canada on vacation. (Nova Scotia not included.)
79. If getting married, do so in Nova Scotia.
80. If getting married, get a prenup.
81. Write my Last Will and Testament.
82. Get a Living Will.
83. Increase my private life insurance policy to $500,000.
84. Save $5000 to give to my brother to spend in setting up a business of his choice.
85. Give 10% of one (1) paycheck to a literacy charity.
86. Stop answering the phone every time it rings.
87. Go one week without surfing the net.
88. Design my own PHP website.
89. Have a picture of myself professionally painted.
90. Hold a family reunion in my own home.
91. Find the right job for me, until the business takes off.
92. Have a BBQ with actual guests.
93. Send Christmas cards.
94. Write more letters and less emails.
95. Wear a bra every day, all day long for 7 days in a row.
96. Clean the yard every Saturday in the Fall.
97. Go to Boston.
98. Visit Washington, DC.
99. Sit in on a session of Congress. (Senate or House, does not matter.)
100. Share this project with 10 other people.
101. Keep this list updated.
All to be accomplished within the next
-137 days 7 hours and 56 minutes.