Last night… well, this morning, at 2am, I was watching El Show de Cristina (“The Cristina Show”), and because I was tired I decided to visit the website – – today instead of finishing the show. Well, I did visit the website, in Spanish of course. Now I am completely disappointed. I have always thought of Cristina as someone who would take pride in everything she does, and well I think she does. However, the site was a let-down. First, there are tons of subject-verb disagreements, plurals where singulars should be and viceversa, wrong conjugations, and even misspelled words! Since there was no email address to complain to, and since I find forums to be unfit (afterall, I’ll like to point this out so that errors may be fixed, not so people will change their minds about visiting the site), I decided to post my complaint on my own blog. Yes, that doesn’t seem to change the problem. However, maybe this will come to someone’s attention one day, and they will bother to proofread the site.

I am terribly disappointed mostly because it says on the site that people from all over the world visit, and yet I find that they are presented with BAD Spanish. A little grammatical correctness and spell checks do go a long way….