It seems that I am graduating after all. That is if I can finish the four class that I am taking right now, which I am sure I can with the help of my little friend NoDoz®. And maybe some vitamins; I’ve been feeling really weak lately. Of course the whole sour cream episode did not help matters either, since it’ll probably take my body several weeks to fully recover. But everything else, except for my latest petition and the unresolved I, is in place, and I think I will have a green light to graduate any day now.

In any case, my family is coming to Chicago for convocation. That sounds like we are part of the mob, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. Anyway, there’s at least 7 and at most 14 people coming to see me graduate. Big event! I am not quite sure why. Not like I am the first to graduate from College or anything – except for my grandma everyone went to college, some even grad school. So, what’s the big fuss? I don’t know. Must be that I am about to graduate from CHICAGO, and that I have had such a hard time while here that they think it a blessing that I am leaving.

So, my mom and grandma are coming. Along with my 2 uncles, my 2 aunts, and Lourdes. My brother said that he wanted to come, but mom said that he wasn’t coming, so I have to call him. He has to come; we have a date! Anyway, so they are all coming for anywhere from 2 days to over a week. And they are flying from all over; not quite, but almost. My aunt is driving, but then why would you fly when you live 2 hours away?