Monday, 10 a.m. Western Civilization. Okay, a whole quarter worth’s shoved into 3 weeks. That’s cool. But now comes the real test. And I do mean a test.

Since I have been sick this whole time, and they still don’t know what’s wrong, I am fighting against my unwilling body to making throw this test. I feel really sick right now, which is why I am not reading. But the rest of the time, I just feel SOOO tired, and oveall yucky. I am going to do as much as I can, say a praying, and then say “Good Luck” — just in case, ’cause no one is going to say it for me.

So, after the final I have a whole hour or two to rest. And then I have to prepare to flop my make-up presentation, which I am making up because I flopped the first one. Anyway, I hate presentations, and even if this one were written in the language of divine inspiration, I don’t think I’d do any better. If I knew anyone in the class maybe, but I just feel like they are there to judge me instead of learning about the theory presented in the article at hand. I hate presentations!