Okay, so yet again another eighteen-wheeler driver that thinks his got a FORD Focus hatchback.

Honestly, don’t they get it!

I was on my merry way home when I remembered (was reminded by the bright signs) that the ramp to my exit is closed all week, right after I leave work. Anyway, I drive past the airport and into Dallas to make U-turn at the first available exit (just like a couple dozen other people). This semi pulls up next to me on the right lane, to make a left turn. First he is intent on running the red light, but traffic won’t let him. Then he doesn’t compensate for his lack of turning radius, and actually hits my side view.
As if that weren’t enough, the only reason he didn’t hit me or kill me, is that I ran over the median to get away from ending up under his trailer. Then the guy actually ran the next light. … And I called 911. Of course, it’s not like they are going to do anything since all I had was a description of the truck and driver and I had to speak with two (2) 911 dispatcher. The great thing about not living in the city.

So, I know he hit my sideview, and it’s not broken. I didn’t hear any scratching, but I haven’t been able to really look at my car, because it was so dark. But I am so PO’d.