It was pretty awesome week, and I have a great sense of accomplishment. I worked really hard at trying to reach 70,000 steps this week. I made it to 60,000, which considering I didn’t make an effort on Monday or Friday is pretty impressive in my humble opinion. Well, I was impressed! (Truly, I am more impressed with the guy who puts in 205,000 steps a week, but that’s just … I don’t know a word for it that’s sufficiently descriptive of how I feel about it).

In any case, tomorrow is the beginning of another week, and, like everyday, I plan to do better and be better. I am just going to focus on getting as close to 70,000 as possible, but at least more than 60,000. If I make 70,000, I will be ecstatic! 

As a side note, I must say that all that continuous activity did not go unnoticed by every cell in my body. This morning I could barely move as my lower back was screaming at me. Every muscle in the area was more than a bit resentful. However, I believe that if I had accomplished more yesterday, I might not have been a problem. Once I got myself moving, sometimes even pretending it didn’t hurt that much, the muscles got into it and stopped hurting all together. That was around 3 p.m., and thus this state of “failure.” Just another speed bump. (Unfortunately, today, I also found out that I have been shortchanging my consumption of a particular sub by 210 Calories. I was certainly unhappy about this.)

On a different note, I bought a bicycle today. It is a 26″ Kent Glendale Comfort Hybrid.

I had forgotten how it felt to ride a bicycle, as I had not done so in fifteen years until today. Fifteen years is a very long time, but it only took about 20 feet for me to find my groove and then I was flying! Went 2.52 miles in 18:36 minutes, with a minor pause somewhere around mile 1 when I realized I had lost my FitBit Flex (from my shoe, not wrist) and had to go search for it while trying not to freak out because there was the possibility that I would find my FitBit Flex was roadkill. (See previous posts to understand how this would be very bad, as I am highly attached to it after less than 2 months.) Regardless, I am very excited about new purchase, and its possibilities.

I really enjoy my time at the gym. It’s ‘me’ time and I get that ‘happy’ rush. I really feel great when I exercise regularly, and running is better than yoga – which I also enjoy occasionally nowadays. After about 20 active minutes, people tend to look at me weird because I will laugh at something said in a song I’m playing, or I will think of something funny and laugh. However, I couldn’t care less. Every few days there is some not-overweight (skinny, thin or average weight) person who climbs onto the machine next to mine, even tough every other machine is available, and proceeds to check the stats on my machine (they think they are being inconspicuous, while leaning into my space). Soon, s/he has set up an hour long workout that ends after, maybe, 20 minutes; and, there, I remain. I usually do 33-50 minutes on the elliptical, with 5-30 minutes on the “dreadmill.” Most days I skip the “dreadmill,” for obvious reasons. 

Back to my bicycle. The reason I am so excited about it is simply that I prefer to run and cycle outside. For those who know me well, that seems ironic, since I am not outdoorsy in the least. I even avoid going to the park. Nevertheless, I HATE the treadmill (see above). So, running is something done outside, or on the elliptical. Cycling is not something I will do on a stationary bike ever again. For one, stationary bikes are boring. Secondly, they hurt my knees; this is especially true of the recumbent variety. Thirdly, I want to go, go, go, and, on a stationary bike, I am going nowhere. At least of the elliptical I can close my eyes and go, while pretending to be wherever I want; the other cardio machines hold not place in heart.

Now, time to make a bit of a dent on my sleep deficit. Good night!