Well, this is an experiment. I am not very good at writing letters to friends and family on an on-going basis, and I am certainly a slacker as far as the homepage I created 3 years ago goes. But I am going to try this.

Since I do have better things to do, and I like a challenge, I am going to try to write ‘something’ here at least once a week, though hopefully more frequently than that. So, if you have any comments about how likely I am to keep this up, feel free to comment on my posts.

I’ll probably be writing about something that’s going on in my life, or the world. Possibly my views on something that I am reading, whether it’s a novel or a history book, or the latest magazine that I still have no idea how I got….

So, good luck to me with writing, and to you with the reading – if either one of us ever gets around to it.