I know might have sounded like something terribly important, but I finally made it to 70,000 steps in one calendar week. It was not without difficulty and obstinate determination. But I made it!

I may still get another few steps before midnight, but – at this point – unless it is another 1,541 steps, then who cares. Honestly, I feel like I should be pushing to get those 1,541 extra steps within the next 28 minutes, but that’s a lot, even if it doesn’t sound like it. That’s about another half a mile, and that’s not easy to accomplish within my house, and I am not going outside this close to midnight, just to get my first 20,000 daily steps badge. I will leave that for another day. Today, however, was my most active day all year (132 minutes)!

I must say the most challenging part of today was eating enough, and drinking enough. Yes, the FitBit counts steps, but it doesn’t really differentiate between walking and running. More steps per minutes means more active, but I could be walking at 3.0 miles per hour or running at the same rate and it wouldn’t know. By the way, the fastest I run is 5.34 miles per hour; but I tend to stay at 4.0 miles per hour, because I would like to be able to make it back home, preferable at around the hour mark.

Also, I biked to over 5 miles today, and I have to say that it kicked butt (mine). I don’t remember it being so strenuous. I kept thinking I’d rather run. After 35 minutes, and over 5 miles, my stomach was cramping, I was miserable and ready to puck. Of course, before I could pass out, I made it to my old neighborhood, relaxed in the familiar surroundings, found a shade tree and a light breeze (I’d been riding on an oppressively humid path), and called my brother to come get me in my truck. [I love that guy! Such a great brother! Thanks babosito!

In any case, I have survived. Now, I just need to sleep, get a head start on the week tomorrow and make it to my hair appointment. It is growing way too fast, but so long as I don’t see another gray hair, everything will be fine and I won’t freak out… too much.

Good night!