I have to say that I love my FitBit Flex, as I have probably mentioned before. I probably would have loved the FitBit Force even more, but I was a bit late on that.

In any case, I have been very active the past 3 days, and have noticed that my Flex was tracking a lot, but not as accurately as it should have been. I mean, the machine said I had gone 4.01 miles, and I had already shown 2.67 miles on the Flex before my work out, but I finished the day with only 5.79 miles! Yes, and that after I put even more distance after my workout. Needless to say, I was more than upset.

So, I just now plugged it in to charge and noticed it was not doing a great job of it, and was even stopping the charge. Then, the lightbulb! I had read someone’s post on the cleanliness of the contacts and how it seemed to affect accuracy and charging. I thought: I clean the Flex, and the inside of the band, every day so that shouldn’t be the problem. Wrong! 

I looked at the contacts and they looked gold, but a bit dull. So, I took the end of a paperclip cover in tissue, and clean them. Oh my god! They were seriously dirty. Ended up looking bright, brilliant gold again. Subsequently, I plugged it back into the charge, and it’s charging away without problems now. 

Conclusion: Wiping it down, even with rubbing alcohol, is not enough. Must get right into the contact spaces and clean them out.

Hopefully, I will see far more accurate tracking, and less missed miles, in the near future.