To be honest, I think I eat more now than I ever have. First I have to make a concerted effort to not only use all my points, but also to use them over 3 meals, not go over, have enough volume that I am not hungry too soon, and track every little thing. Then, I have to make better choices.

The end result:
I am not having a burger and fries (approx. 28 P+)

burger and fries cake

Instead, I am having something like 1/2 a roasted Cornish hen and 1.5 cups of sauteed summer squash and zucchini, with 1 tbsp of barbecue sauce (yay! for The Pig Sweet Sauce), a frozen fudge pop and a bottle of FruitWater for dinner (10 P+). Or, for lunch, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a large banana, a Jell-O cup and a can of Coke Zero (8 P+).

That is significantly more volume than “a burger and fries.” Yet, it is also a lot less of everything: Calories, fat, carbs, etc. Furthermore, I do not get hungry again 3 hours later. But, even if I did, I would just grab a fruit or some Jell-O. The Peanut Butter Crackers I used to have almost everyday are now an emergency snack, and mostly taking up space in my desk drawer.

I am truly enjoy this journey. And I am seeing results, real ones. I have practically tried everything short of surgery, and I would lose until a certain point and then nothing. I am hopeful.