So, I have to finish everything by Friday, or I am not walking the line this quarter! So, finishing is priority. But, as usual, I am not quite focusing. Though, I have managed to write about 4 pages of one of my two papers due Wednesday. I should have written about 50 pages by the end of Wednesday. Then I have to play catch up with my other class.

Thanks to Aaron, for not letting me go too crazy this week. You really did know what you were talking about; as usual.

In any case, I am sort of ecstatically happy, and it’s not because I am graduating; but I can’t divulge that kind of information here. It’s so silly, I feel like a kid – again this quarter! But this time it’s my fault that it took me this long to get to it. I am so oblivious sometimes.

Okay, I was taking a break; but now I must go. Back to insanity!

Note: I’ll be back to posting serious stuff [my opinion] next week, unless I need another [and another and another and…] break.