I have been pondering on this matter for years, and come to conclude that the limitless amount of free speech, in the name of freedom, may indeed by our bane. That’s right, our bane.

National Security is a joke. The whole world knows everything Americans are doing, because the press feels it should give detailed accounts of all information they gather, including details on our protection and capabilities. Even individuals do not divulge that much about their own life; why does then the media feel compelled to sell out the nation in the name of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and ratings?!

Well, has it gone too far? I have found this site, where an “artist” makes sculptural representations of his political criticism. I believe this, and all other forms of rather unfounded criticism, to be detrimental to the political stability of the United States in the world’s arena. When Americans put their leaders down, they put the United States, as a whole, down as well. That is as unnecessary as it is counterproductive.

Honestly, we are not supposed to look invincible (though that’d be nice), but we should always look strong and stable. Being, what some call and others disagree to be, a Superpower requires more than a good economy, financial resources, military might, and tactics of globalization.

Yes, we are “Americanizing” the world (for what reason, I have no idea), but should we be feeding the world everything that we do and think as well? I think not.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two of the most important, and most valued, rights Americans hold. However, should we be exploiting them beyond our needs? Their is a difference between an American citizen exerting his/her right, and an American corporations, such as the news networks, exploiting this right of the people to increase their ratings and, instead of educating the people, educating the enemy. If all Americans know it, then the whole world knows it too. It’s one of the drawbacks of globalization and expanded capitalism. We can’t have it all.

But we can have security. So, why are Americans being harassed on a daily basis for how they look, or the languages they speak, or the friends they have; when the media is not being penalized for giving information about our troops (currently in harm’s way) positions, capabilities, disruptions, etc.? Why are they not being limited from divulging technological information that will not change Joe American’s life, but will enable the opposition to better qualify themselves and their resources? Why are we not taping their mouths shut, when we are stopping American’s from flying in commercial flights for stalking Brittany Spears?! Someone please come up with a veritable excuse for Homeland Security not to stop this nonsense.

We don’t need terrorists. American’s sabotage their way of life on a daily basis. And it’s done at home, from home, by our own.

I am not a conservative… And I am not a liberal… But I am an American. — a Senior citizen who has to travel to Canada every month, so that he can afford his prescription drugs (sorry, didn’t get his name). WGN News at 9, Chicago, Illinois. 2 November 2003.