I know looks are not everything; and in this case, that doesn’t even matter. But right now, there is this guy sitting across from me and I can’t help but look at him and wonder. He is nothing extraordinary, or even overly above average; however, he’s got my attention and doesn’t even know it. (What would he say if he knew that I am currently writing about him, instead of writing a paper, which is what he probably thinks that I am doing?)

Anyway, this poses a problem. Well, a problem of sorts. How can I be sure that this is not going to bother me in 10 years when I am in my thirties and he is in his 50s? Well, I don’t. And even though I don’t see how old he is right now, I wonder if that will come into play later. I have to be sure about everything before I jump head first into this, after all it’s a big decision, and a big deal.

So, I am not really attracted to this guy sitting across from me, but at the same time I can’t keep my eyes off of him. Then I am really attracted to this other man, and I like him. But here I am thinking of whether the “looks issue” will ever come into play. Because I must face the facts, I like handsome men. I have always, since I was a child, been attracted to manly beauty, and I can’t help myself. Then add to the equation a handsome, interesting, not-quite-confident-enoug-in-this-situation, possibly jealous man, and we have a catastrophe!

So, what’s the answer? How the hell am I supposed to know!