Well, I am still not sure that I like that ad, but I am staying here for the moment. Why bother more than necessary; plus who’s likely to find me here, right?

Well, I wish I had a genie so that I wouldn’t feel so plagued by all the work surrounding me. I have a paper to write for Thursday morning, and a final on Monday. Plus, I have to redo my presentation because I totally sucked. I started feeling really sick while I was waiting – no wonder since I have been sick for about 3 weeks, and then I was asked a question. Next thing I know I can’t remember left from right, and it pretty much ended with my prof teaching the article for me. Which means that I have to present on Tuesday; no, no one gets off. I am glad that I get a second chance though; better than failing. I read the damn thing, and I understood it all. But I just couldn’t explain it.

Oh, well, I have to go read about 7 books now, so that I can write a 7-8 page paper for a class that only lasts 3 weeks. 7 books in 3 weeks! What am I supposed to be? a robot?!