Finally, after a week with no phone service and tons of wasted minutes on my mom’s cell trying to find resolution, I finally have a landline, and can connect to the ‘net. It was seriously obnoxious not having one.

Well, I am still here. Don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I am looking for a job, and trying to put myself together. I mean, even though this is temporary, I still have bills to pay – even if it’s not rent, per se. I have enough to make it through November, if I don’t spend a single penny. But, that’s almost impossible.

I am really upset for having left Chicago; and I feel awful, anyway. But I had to go, and I did. I gave up a lot more than one would think by leaving; but it had to be done. I had to do it. And I did.

I still miss my bed, which is still in Chicago – until I figure out how to sell it, or figure out how to go pick it up. I was talking it over with my brother last night; maybe we’ll take a sibling road trip sometime. Maybe if Ivan comes and he can’t go to work next week [though hopefully that won’t happen, since he has bills to pay too].

I’m just kinda blue, and still having trouble being by myself. I keep setting the house alarm, and my mom keeps setting it off. It’s kinda funny, because I don’t even hear it anymore. I am not comfortable even at the store, especially if I am walking by myself. I don’t even trust the neighbor, but that may be because I had never seen him before yesterday; and maybe because he insists on not wearing a shirt.

Anyway, it blows. I am stuck here, and everyday is like a Saturday, since no one’s been working since I got back. And I get to hang out with my mom more than I have in my whole life put together; but everyone’s a bit too insensitive, and that makes me feel like I should have just stayed in Chicago – better to feel alone because I am than … .

Anyway, back to figuring out what to do with the day.