…that I could live in a place more boring than Orange Park, but it seems I have found it.

I have been here for 3 weeks, and constantly looked for things to do. Other than the malls and shopping centers, the movie theater and an extensive network of gas stations, I haven’t found anything to do. Therefore, I believe I will relegate weekends to the arduous tasks of laundry, dishes and boredom – until such a time as I do find some thing to do around this “city.”

Yes, people around here consider Lewisville a city; so much so that it is call the “City of Lewisville.” I don’t even think that Dallas is a city, not a big one – like every here says it is – anyway. How could I possibly think of Lewisville as one. As far as I am concerned, Dallas is another Jacksonville and Lewisville is another Orange Park – except more boring still.

One thing I must say, all libraries here have free internet access, without having to take a skill’s test. 1 point in favor. And the library here is open ’til 9pm Mon-Thurs. Another 1 point in favor. However, I think that I’ll be moving closer to work next year, and will hang out around Grapevine instead. Everything seems cooler in Grapevine – though not by much.

I am thinking of buying a house once my lease is over, and thus I have already started looking around. More on that later.

Okay, I must note that maybe I’m just a bit cranky because I haven’t gotten my pay check yet. Three weeks was just not long enough to process my direct deposit, and worse – I placed a request myself on Wednesday and they processed it on Thursday. Had I known, I would have done that last week!

I’ll take my bored, cranky self back on the road, and see if I can find something to do.