I wanted to get a scale that would give me more information than just my weight. I took me a while, about a month, to choose one. I was really interested in the FitBit Aria, and figure it was the one I would buy. But, since it was over $100, I decided to do more research before choosing to invest on it.

I decided to look into the Whitings Smart Body Analyzer first. To be honest, the air quality button was a major point against it. After reading several reviews (around half a dozen), I came to the conclusion (as did all the reviewers) that the two scales were very similar, and the main differences were materials and cost. Except for one review, that was the conclusion. The odd-one-out: Body Monitor Review‘s. 

By the time I found this review, I had already visited Amazon.com and viewed way too many “Body Composition Scales”. The grand majority were not wireless and would not automatically sync with my FitBit or MyFitnessPal profiles. Thus, I went to check which ones would; but, given the price differential, I was willing to keep keying in my stats. A non-wireless body analysis scales could be purchased from Amazon.com for as little as $40; though, I can’t attest to their accuracy, I was willing to try. 

Then, I found this review, and already knew the iHealth HS5 Wireless Body Analysis Scale was listed on the MyFitnessPal website, which is where I track weight, measurements, and food (but not water) intake. The HS5 had more features, a lower price, is wireless, has an app that syncs to MyFitnessPal, and does not have an “air quality” button. I was sold!

Of course, I went back to Amazon.com to read reviews. They were not good. Only one person had actually given it 4 stars. But, what can I say, I am a non-conformist; so, I ordered it. 

Everyone that posted a negative review, which was almost everyone, had the same issue: Bluetooth doesn’t work! Whiners, the lot of them. No offense, but did you read the setup guide, or even the description before purchase? The scale says it is WIRELESS and compatible with iOS and Android; it, however, does not say that it is wireless by virtue of Bluetooth. Yes, this was the major complaint. You use Bluetooth for about 3 minutes; the scales connects to your phone, and through it to your wireless home network, then – voilĂ  – Bluetooth shuts off. Don’t have a wireless home network? Don’t buy the wireless scale that doesn’t use Bluetooth!

As for the scale itself, I love it – so far. It took about 5-6 weigh-ins in a row to get an accurate reading. However, it seemed to calibrate itself after that, and readings were consistent after that, even when I moved it to a different spot and even a different type of flooring (tile to hardwood). To ensure it was very accurate, I weighed Britny, who weighed in at 21.8 lbs., consistent with her last weigh in at the vet a couple of weeks ago. Also, the large surface of the scale was big enough to set her on it without me having to weight myself while holding her, and it was accurate despite her low weight, considering it’s not meant to weigh infants – or dogs.

Now, the app only synced the first (pre-calibration) readout to MyFitnessPal and did not subsequently update it when I deleted previous (pre-calibration) readouts, plus there is no way to force a sync with the iHealth Cloud. Also, the iHealth Cloud site is less than desirable; but their app is workable if a bit crowded with choices for other iHealth devices (ironic since the other devices have their own apps), and you only need it to sync, really. You don’t even have to sync if you don’t want to (but, if that’s the case, you probably should go with the $40 scale mentioned above). It took a few tries to figure out the timing on the sync, and where I had to have the app set to sync (neither of which was specifically explained in the guide), but once I got the hang of it, it was fairly simple and straight forward. Basically, stay on the scale until you see the reading pop up on your phone. Don’t hold your phone, but place it – app open – where you can see the screen; or, wait until the little WiFi symbol disappears from the face of the scale. That’s it!

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Now, I just have to figure out what the best reading would be for me. Research! Yay!