Well, this is not what I was going to write about originally, but … I figured I’d complain instead of giving you an opinion you can live without.

Not unlike myself, I have a list:

(1) I hate Florida: the heat, living at home, being sequestered, etc.;

(2) I hate not having a job [add that to (1)];

(3) I miss Chicago and my life, in general;

(4) I miss persons and places [very specific ones];

(5) It seems I am over-qualified for every freakin’ job in the OP area [someone explain that one to me, please.];

(6) [I could go on and on forever].

So, instead I will list some things I am glad about:

(1) My mom finally decided to let me drive, after many an argument were voiced on my part as to why she should [employment issues won out!];

(2) There is Air Conditioning everywhere in Florida [except outside, but nothing/one is perfect]; and

(3) I still have money to pay my bills.

Couldn’t think of anything else which made me glad at the moment, though I did come up with more things for my complaint list. I just want a job; is that too much to ask for? Well, I’d also like an explanation on how I become over-qualified within a year of graduating from college. I am starting to think that people look at my resume, see University of Chicago, and throw it away – after calling to tell me that I am over-qualified!

:::sigh::: If I don’t find something soon, I am moving to Canada!

Well, on a brighter side, I am supposedly working on R&D with a friend for a business venture that is becoming increasingly burdensome; and I am not exactly risk-driven.

That’s all. I’m out.