I am tired, and I am writing here because I am too lazy to put my computer in my locker and walk across the quad to go eat at Bartlett (yuck! no other choice). At the same time, I am working on a paper, but (stupid me) I forgot to bring the main article, and the fact that I read it 9 days ago doesn’t help, so either I check out the book again and read through it again, or I go get my marked copy at home which I can do after I have dinner at Bartlett ( I do not have time to cook today, not that I feel like doing so anyway). Then, I lost my inspiration to write the other paper when I realized that I still have to read over 50 pages (about 2 hrs, 3 tops).

Okay, so I am going to do something reckless. I am going to shove all this stuff into my locker, go eat dinning hall food, and run home to get my article, then come back here and stay until I have finished 2 out of 5 papers!