This post reminded me of my first day in Drezner’s Foreign Policy class a couple years ago. I just had to laugh, and – of course – I had to post it. Of course, you should also read Daniel Drezner’s post. In any case, I must agree with Professor Drezner, and Lileks is plain-ole out of line.

By the way, do take a look at The Guardian’s “While we have you attention, Mr. President…” article. I find it characteristically interesting that most of the letters I read came from writers, poets, and politicians. Of course, I must note that the letter from Mickey, 12, was rather interesting. It is not everyday that a “12-year-old” presents such an articulate protest (that is assuming that “Mickey” really is a 12-year-old). On the other hand, good luck to him talking his parents into moving out of the U.K. and not to the U.S.