This journey “you & I” call our life has been interesting, disappointing, overwhelming, painful. However, it is our journey, and “you & I” push on through. Twenty years ago, “you & I” would have never thought we’d be here, at this point, or have embarked on all our (dis)adventures. In many ways it is ironic; in many ways “you & I” have everything that we have fought against.

I will tell you what I know I have done that you may be able to change.

  • I have not listened to my heart. I do not know why I don’t do it, but when it starts talking I stop listening. My gut I will listen to, but my heart is another story.
  • Because I have not listened to my heart, I have not shared my feelings with the people who are most important to me. I have made some slight changes in this regard, but where it matters I am still closed off.
  • I have not made a great effort in keeping in touch with friends who are far away, which is most of my friends. 
  • I have not taken enough time to look at what I want. I know who I am, and that helps immensely, but one needs to re-prioritize once in a while, and that’s hard to do when you do not mediate on what you want/need.

There are other things, but I can’t list everything. (Add to list that I leave most things unsaid.)

The journey is dynamic. Every single choice, turn, red light, etc., changes the path and, maybe, even the destination. I am embarking on another particular leg of the journey, and I want it to take me to a particular destination. However, I know that I may not ever get to that specific one. That’s okay. 

Sometimes, the best part of the journey is the unexpected. I don’t like surprises, but I am learning to be more flexible with myself, and you should too.