Before I went off to college I promised myself there would be no guys. None. Of course that never happened.

But never did I imagine the dangers I was trying to avoid would not come from “the guys” but someone I grew to trust, and was far from a guy.

Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? While it was happening I couldn’t see, though I knew something was wrong; but I wouldn’t see it. How could my friend be doing those things that undermined me at every step. The fact of the matter is that she did. She schemed and cheated and talked and gossiped and stabbed me in the back at every chance. Not any kind of friend I would want, and thus not my friend anymore. And I do not recommend her to anyone, in any way.

How did she change my life? Simply. One lie, manipulation, or guilt trip at a time. I was young and gullible. No excuse. Instead of being a friend she was a pretender, while I was her friend. And I took turns I would have never taken for anyone else, because I believed in our friendship.

For the longest time I thought that first guy was who had changed my life, and in a way he did; but now I know, she changed my life forever. May someone repay her the (dis)favor.