Dear younger self,

You are probably wondering why I didn’t right earlier. Well, earlier what I know now wouldn’t have helped you any.

So, here’s what I have to say. Live a little. Take a chance once in a while. Don’t be afraid, to live or love. Don’t give too much, and don’t take too much either. Value your friends, the longer the better. Get rid of those who bring negative things or energy into your life.

Please, listen to your inner self. Don’t walk away from someone you love, especially if you are not sure if it’s truly love. Don’t live life trying to have no regrets, but rather try not to regret not living your life. Let go of that first “love” once you get to college, and hang on to that friend who always had your back.

Don’t forget that you are who really matters. And study more than you play. Meet more people, but cherish your old friends.

Take care of yourself,
See you later.