Managed 12 active minutes by the time I left work. I don’t know how. Came home for dinner, stuffed rice! Then off to the gym for my work out, and Starbucks for some LSAT time. :/

Yep! Everything was fine until I got to Starbucks. Even made my 5-mile goal once I got there. But then I took Section one of the Practice Test, using the Kaplan Proctor app. 🙁

The app was a little loud, with sounds I did not recognize, but that wasn’t the issue. I got through 11 questions (Logic Games) in the time (35 minutes) set for 22! 

But, I shall not despair. I walked through a blizzard on my way to testing 10 years ago, and I did well. I just want to score at least 6 more point than last time. I just have to relax, acknowledge that this is by far not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and manage my time on Monday. 

In any case, I came home, put Britny’s gear on (which now includes the Ruffwear Summit Trex, 1.5″, Burnt Orange), and we went for a half mile run – jog, for me. We got the boots yesterday, and every time now she wants to run instead of walk. She gets so excited when I say we’re going to exercise! I love it!

She also gets rather stinky afterwards, so I spray her with a bit of Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator, which does it’s job beautifully.

Today’s stats: