Okay, so I went to the gym on Memorial Day. Went to chiropractor on Tuesday, which I love, and had my ankles and right knee adjusted. Then walked a bit with Britny on Tuesday (very little, like 1/2 mile). No problems so far. Went to gym on Thursday; right knee doing great, no more clicking.
However, after workout, noticed that my left foot was pressing differently, and not in a good way. Then the crippling pain started. Two days limping, with a few times where my foot gave altogether. I think it may have been the adjustment. My left foot is showing underpronation now, which wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t know also affecting my knee, plus it hurts quite a bit. I am not liking this at all; I am walking differently, which I feel in my left hip, and I hurt in several places (hip, knee, ankle, foot). It feels like there is something out of place in the center of my foot, towards the top and left.

Regardless, I had an active day today. Went to the gym, to a “festival” and spent some time with my cousin at “the mall.” Then Britny and I went for a walk, less than 1 mile but more than half. It was amazing: I asked Britny if she wanted to go exercise and she ran to the bedroom door and started crying because I was taking too long opening it; then she ran to the front door and let me put all her gear on with a single sign of complaint. She even wanted to run once we got started, so we ran as much as my foot would allow,which was like a quarter mile, then we walked the rest.

On a side note, she smells really bad after we exercise, so I take off her t-shirt (always a battle), spray a bit of Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator on her, dry her with her towel, and, voilĂ , nice smelling canine baby sans shower. Of course, then we must dress her in a clean t-shirt, preferably pink – or anything not purple. I don’t know why, but she does not like purple at all.