Today’s meme brought to you by Dizzy Girl Memes:

Mixing it up…

01. Stop typing, look at your computer desk. What’s on it?

A lot of crap. There’s a lamp, papers galore, a fallen calendar, my laptop and the monitor for the desktop, my phone and cell phone, tons of cables, deodorant (?), a razor, my brother’s deodorant, some receipts, lots of CDs, another lamp. Mind you, this is a very small desk.

02. Go to the window closest to you and tell me the first thing you see. Describe it.

I see a medium sized, leafless tree. A very ugly tree, with an ugly blue bucket in the middle [my brother obviously didn’t find a better place for it.]

03. Go to page 33 of the last book you read. Go to the second paragraph and type the first sentence.

“Worse, most of his examples are about as well researched as the John Chancellor quote.”

04. What’s the first website/blog you read when you woke up this morning/afternoon? Say one good thing about that site. – They have a nice, though little original, job search.

05. Fall is in the air! What’s your favorite thing about the season?

In Chicago, the nice, clean smell of the air. In Orange Park, the end of summer.

06. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word: kool-aid?


07. Name something that pissed you off today.


08. Name something that made you happy today.

Mexican Food

09. Name something that made you laugh today.

Mom, being herself. Oh, and her super straight [not!] shelving skills.

10. This week’s meme: boring or fun?