So, I went to the bank just now and came back to find an email with the subject: Men Confess…. Really, who cares what that magazine may have written about what ‘men’ think, or whatever. My favorite line in any of those articles is that guys like girls that have guyfriends! For real now, I have seldom, if ever, met a guy who doesn’t suffer from ‘severe jelousy syndrome’ to some degree. And I have met quite a few girls that have so many guy friends that they can’t get a boyfriend, for whatever reason (I have a list of at least 10).

Anyway, I finished my paper, which was quite a feat considering that I have been sick the whole time that the class’s been going on, and that I have only been to 4/8. Well, I am going to sleep now, and then it’s off to studying for the final for the same class. And you can’t top that as soon as I am done with that I have to re-ready myself for the presentation that I blew on Tuesday. Totally sucked! I mean, a mouse in a maze (or an undergrad on campus, now under construction throughout) would have been more useful than I at explaining how they got … well, anywhere. Milan asked me a question, and I was lost forever.

Well, to bed it is…. sleep