[For references see “On Marriage…” and “On time and society…”]

It seems that time passes and people change, but society does not. My argument on this matter can be found in “On time and society…”; and here is proof that what was once acceptable is still acceptable to day – for the most part. I am quite sure that this man is outraged and appalled by the Court’s decision, however that will not change a thing. Truth is that’s how it’s always been, and at least for now, that’s how it will stay. The Bastardy Statute, name which decries the statutes age, still holds that a child born in the institution of marriage is the product of that marriage; therefore, the child has a father, and cannot – by law – have two. So it has been decreed.

*Michigan is not the only State with such a statute; Washington, Texas, Maine, Tennessee , Florida and Kansas (as far as I could find) also have a “Bastardy Statute.” These were established to reduce the number of children born out of wedlock, through the imposition of legal punishment.