Like I’ve said before I favor the energy bill on principle. However, I find it quite contradictory (nothing uncommon in Congress). First, how can you make a move for renewable sources, and still offer incentives for the porduction of oil, coal, natural gas, etc.? Those are not, in any way, renewalable resources. They are expandable, limited resources. They all cap at whatever the planet has, and it’s not making anymore. All I can say is: dumb.

Now, supposedly $24 billion in tax cuts have been added to the bill. But tax cuts for whom? The non-renewable sources people? Likely. In any case, I support an energy bill that does not remove corn subsidies, encourages the production and use of ethanol, nuclear power, wind power, limited electricity, and no fossil fuels. Furthermore, it should not shield anyone from getting sued for any reason, regardless of how big an industry, or how much campaign money they provide! [That’s just my two cents.]

As things stand right now, I think the filibuster should continue, and major parts of the energy bill should not be tacked on to anything – but if they were to be, that bill shouldn’t pass either. End the session with a good damn bill, or have not damned bill at all.