Just came back from the movies. Just watched Lemony Snicket’s A
Series of Unfortunate Events
. It was crappy. I mean,
for all the hype, I would have thought it would have actually followed some
interesting line of … something. However, I found that it has no end, and
it is so … Faulknerian in style than one simply has too many questions
once it “ends.”

Now, on trailers on upcoming features —
Given that it is 2005, and that it was possible in the 60’s, the fact that
Nicole Kidman in Bewitched does not wiggle her nose has made me
decide that I am not interested in viewing that particular film. If they
could manage it back then, you’d think that will all the available graphic
technology today, they would be able to make her nose move on its own –
which was part of Samantha’s appeal, after all. Plus, Kidman does not have
the right look. Samantha should be portrayed by someone who has a
girl-next-door persona and appearance.

Then, I saw the poster for
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. The first movie was
endearing; but what are they going to do now? There is no fairy tale left!
I have seen the trailer and it seems somewhat promising, but … is the
trailer the whole movie minus time fillers?

And, before I forget,
I think Kicking and Screaming will be “a must-see.”