It’s finally come, the time to move on.

Lately, I have been seriously considering moving out of Chicago. And now, I have decided to do so. Honestly speaking, I am bored out of my wits. So, I am moving. Unfortunately, I can’t pick a place.

I’d like to move to Scotland, or Nova Scotia; those are pretty places. But my aunt made a good point: I shouldn’t move too far away from family (after all, I had to ask her to come with me to the dentist, because I am *terrified*!). So, I have to keep thinking about it. I had thought of Seattle, because I would like to go to SeattleU Law School; but that’s kinda far from everyone, now that everyone’s on the East Coast.

So, decide I must. I thought of Florida, but the idea of the heat again… . Well, let’s just say it doesn’t motivate me. And I thought of PA, but that’s not exactly my cup of tea. Then I thought of NC, and wondered what the heck would I do there. I am coming up empty thought-ed. ::Shrugs::

Any suggestiongs, please leave a comment. All welcomed.