Given all the typing I have been doing in the past few days, I have decided that I will not engage on a discussion or argument with anyone who is not privy to the point of my posting. I do not mind addressing points in my postings, but I do not intend to explain, continuously, what my position is when I have done so extensively.

Those who know me know that I have many opinions and views, but that I welcome all other views and opinions – so long as they do not interfere with factual references. I believe everyone has the right to think and do as they wish, within the law. [Read Blackstone and Locke, for reasons on why laws and governments exist.] I do not wish or intend to judge anyone, on any basis. I don’t view past scholars, statesmen or philosophers as individuals, but skeptically study their writings and teachings in the search for new ideas, possibilities and meaning that may be applied to today’s situations.

My topics are taken from everyday life, and my interests: law, politics, the laws of politics, the politics of law, and the basis of our constitutional system. I read about law, economics, foreign policy, the history of war, the mechanics of war since the Middle Ages, strategy and game theory. I read Supreme Court opinions for fun. I prefer to read original documents (a gift I picked up in Chicago) to reading someone else’s digested thoughts. Regardless of what I am reading, I am skeptical and come to my own conclusions, after doing research if necessary.

My blog is a place to express my understandings, present some of my research, and vent. I am in no way obliged to conform to anything or anyone. I don’t do it for my family or friends, and I certainly will not for strangers.


Just as a precaution, I must add that I do not approve of those who comment on matters they do not understand (unless they are seeking information), those who stereotype, those who discriminate or anyone who thinks that everyone else is wrong if they don’t agree with him/her. Therefore, any comment left on this site that may offend me, or any one group, due to its impropriety, as described, but not limited to the, above, will be removed.