How is is plausible that you may desire something with all your might, and yet be unwilling to have it or get it? Let’s say you want a dog; you really, really want a dog. It is your heart’s content if you get a dog. Yet you are not willing to buy one, adopt one, care for one, etc. But still you want a dog. And day in and day out you sit there and think of how much you want a dog, but you never do anything about it; because you are too lazy, or afraid of the consequences, or you say you are too busy or you actually are, etc. There is always a good excuse for why you never go out and get the darned dog. ANd worse, if someone gives you a dog, the first thing you do after dog-proofing your home is find your new foundlove a new home – not yours. So, in the end, your heart’s content cannot be fulfilled because you are unwilling to fulfill it – whether or not someone else is willing to help you out.

Now could someone else tell me why people (a.k.a. I) do that?